Race Weight Recap: Week 4 and 5

You may notice the title of my little recap/updates has changed. I changed it because I never really knew what to call it. I always called it my “Healthy Eating Recap” because I was trying to get into better nutrition for my race weight. But really, healthy eating isn’t something you do just to reach a goal and then be done. Its a life long change. And I am hoping to continue with it even after I get to a good race weight.

So yeah, thats gonna be a change folks.

Plus, I don’t always eat healthy. Sometimes I indulge. And sometimes I just mess up. We are all fallible.

Week 4:

In my fourth week of this endeavor, I was in Reading, PA for work. So I had to miss my Weight Watchers meeting. I drove home on Thursday night, there were no meetings on Friday, Saturday mornings I have running club, and there are no meetings on Sundays. So by Monday, it seemed pointless to try and weigh in.

With that thought on my back burner, I ate terribly. I ran outside while I was traveling, even though it was super hot. But was still bummed to be missing my usual routes and of course, another track night.

So how did I handle this? Yeah, I sat in my hotel room and ate Moe’s Southwestern Grill. And not a burrito with health conscious toppings, I just kinda went for it.

Saturday I ran 12 miles. So that was good. But then I went to Burning River Fest and drank a whole lotta calories. Whew.

Week 5:

Once returning from Reading PA I tried to make better choices. A kind of detox. I made a couple of my fav Chocolate Banana smoothies at home and enjoyed Lean Pockets and Morning Star Chik patties.

I let myself enjoy Burning River Fest and got back on the wagon on Sunday. I tried to have a decent breakfast most mornings and watched my portions at night. I also got all my runs in and a yoga class. I kind of felt like I was back.

And what happened on Thursday?

I am down another 2 pounds. 

Thats all I have on this beautiful Friday! Have a good weekend everyone!!

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2 Responses to Race Weight Recap: Week 4 and 5

  1. Jina says:

    Way to go, girl! I’m struggling with the same thing … I’m determined to eat better (and lose weight instead of gain it) this training cycle.

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