Race Weight Recap: Week 6

I usually do this post on Friday, but I had a long week. Plus I did not have anything worth while to share. Blah.

My 6th week working towards my race weight goal did not go well at all. I weighed in at my meeting on Thursday to a 1.6 pound gain. 

Yes. I gained. And a lot too. I was pretty ticked off at myself. Where did I go wrong? What happened here? I had to take some time to try and figure out what went wrong and how I can make it better. I got to get my ducks in a row. Like these, at Lakewood park…

This is an excellent picture. But seriously, what went wrong this week?

There were some factors involved that were out of my control.

  1. It’s kinda close “that” time of the month. Sorry boys, I know this is the last thing you want to read about, so I won’t feel bad if you decide this is not the post for you. But sadly for us ladies, this can affect things like our weight loss goals.
  2. I had a really stressful week. Work, life, whatever, I was having a rough one. And sometimes added stress can cause you to hang on to pounds you would rather went away. I need to relax.
  3. It was ridiculously hot the day of weigh in. I have heard my meeting leader say, “Its really hot, and that could have caused you to retain water.” I don’t know if thats true, but it sounds good to me.

Enough excuses. Now for factors I could control.

  1. I was not awesome at tracking. I usually track my food (the whole points thing), and even when I am not being diligent, I at least try to keep awareness of what I am eating. I obviously could have been better with this.
  2. I snacked. And not bad snacking like vending machines and gas station food, but I over did it. I nibbled on things like shaved walnuts and dried fruit during the week and I must have done it pretty mindlessly. Even the little bites count. Gotta track those.
  3. I didn’t hit all my runs. I was really bad this week about getting in my Thursday runs. I don’t even had a real excuse other than that life hit and I lost some motivation.

So, I need to get my shit together and get focused. And trust me, after Saturdays crappy 12 miler, I am realizing that all this lack of focus is starting to affect my running as well. I’m not having that “great run” feeling anymore. It seems that most of my runs these days are a struggle. And that is not good.

I did up my intervals at the track. I was doing 30/30 and switched to 1:00/1:00. It is a lot hard to maintain a sprint for a minute than 30 seconds. Shocker.

I plan to continue to raise the number of intervals I do this week. Maybe to 10 or 12. And hope I don’t die. I think I will get back on the mat this week too. The week I lost 2 pounds when I thought I had lost none, the difference was some yoga. Time to chaturanga back to strength here.

I hope to be having a better week over all coming up, but even more so, I am looking for a big week weight loss and work out wise. So stay tuned. I promise not to take such a hiatus this week either.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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