Race Weight Recap AND! a Blogger Award

This post will serve a dual purpose. I am all about efficiency here, folks, so knock ’em out. Actually thats not true. I am simply trying to mask something bad with something good. Anything to cope I suppose. So, moving on to my total deflection, let’s roll.

Race Weight Recap, what up. Big fat GAIN. Again. And a nasty one too. Another 1.5 pounds backwards. This is 2 weeks in a row and I am feeling like, 1.) a total failure and 2.) an unhealthy runner.

Lets think about this. I feel like a failure because I put out my race weight confession on the internet and although I said that posting about it was not meant to beat me into accountability, its still there. Hanging out in cyberspace. I guess thats what you get for putting big goals out on blast.

I feel like an unhealthy runner because for the amount I hit the pavement, I should not be gaining. There is part of me that thinks its harder to drop the L.B.s because I am a runner, and runners just eat more. But tell that to Amy Hastings or Sarah OUaL, they are skinny like rails. And kick ass runners. So my diet must still be wildly our of control. Which was the purpose of going back to Weight Watchers in the first place. AHHHH!

I guess all I can say on the subject is that I have already adjusted my attitude, took my lumps, and have moved on. I will nail it this week. I hit my Thursday run, and it was awesome. And I went back to Friday Lunch time Yoga at Inner Bliss. Which was amazing as well.

Thursday’s quick 5k: 

So, on to the happy news. We will rehash this whole epic debacle next week. Where I am hoping to have a big turn around.

Two of my fellow bloggers nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I love these things. It gives me something to write about and is an excellent way to do a little blog swapping. Its quite perfect.

I got two nods this time, one from the fabulous Jina over at Behold the Turtle and the lovely Rose at Rose Runs Slow. Thanks ladies! It means a lot.

Here’s how it works:

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and post it in your post.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
3. Tell all of us seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate seven other bloggers and comment on their page to let them know.

I’m going to theme out my 7 things, and tell you 7 things I thought were lame as a kid, but  now love as an adult. Bring it:

1.) Flossing. As a kid I thought I was invincible and that I was above scary things like gingivitis. In fact, I would say I was an extremely infrequent flosser up until fairly recently. I have always been a multi-time a day brusher, minimum 2 teeth brushings a day, sometimes 3 or more, but was not a flosser. And now I can’t get enough. Don’t judge me.

2.) Fitness. I wasn’t an overweight kid. I didn’t put on the weight till college. But I certainly was not a super fit kid either. I played sports in Elementary school, volleyball, basketball, softball, but I was always on the “not as good” teams and wasn’t destined to play in high school. I didn’t do anything fitness wise in high school and clearly not in College either. It wasn’t until I was 27 and miserable that I found the benefits of fitness. So glad I did.

3.) Siblings. When you are young, your siblings are the devil. They are out to get you, embarrass you, steal you clothes, your friends, and they get cable in their room and you don’t. Little brothers and pests and older sisters are mean girls. I have an older sis and a younger brother and now, as an adult, I love them. I like to see them on Holiday’s and look forward to hanging out. We count on each other. Who knew?

4.) Sunscreen! I could not tell you how many times I have been burnt by the sun. Not just the sun either, I’ve fried myself in a tanning bed, too. I was convinced in my younger years that sunscreen would prevent me from tanning, and that if I burned the red would just peel away with some aloe and turn into a nice tan. Um, no. It turns into painful sleepless nights and a higher risk of skin cancer. Slather it on at the pool, people. There is nothing geeky about pretty (and melanoma free) skin.

5.) Confidence. Ok, so I didn’t think confidence was lame as a kid. But I really didn’t have any. I was picked on mercilessly in elementary school and was not “popular” in high school. I wasn’t the prettiest girl, or the smartest, but now that I am 30 with a great family and friends, a good education and career, and a better sense of self, I feel pretty good now. Plus it was fun showing up a few people at my 10 year.

6.) Veggies. I wouldn’t touch the stuff as a kid. And even as I got older and knew it was better for me, I would still pick the French Fries over the garden salad. Who likes salads? The 30 year old me does! And green beans. And broccoli. Not peas though. Still don’t like peas.

Sorry, no pics of the adult me loving some vegetables. I know you’re disappointed.

7) Parents. I love my parents. Always have. But there were a lot more instances as a kid where I thought they were less of loving care givers and more like life-ruiners. My mom as a volleyball coach? My dad will pick me up where? Nowa-days, I can’t get enough of my parents. My mom is one of my best friends and my dad I and I got close when we starting working for the same company. Parents aren’t lame, they are a godsend. Wish I had known that sooner.

And now, to nominate 7 other bloggers I love!

Gotta send it back to my girls Jina and Rose first:

  1. Behold the Turtle
  2. Rose Runs Slow
  3. Wearing Mascara
  4. Beer and Clothing in Cleveland
  5. Poise in Parma
  6. Peace, Love, & Bagels
  7. Supereli23
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2 Responses to Race Weight Recap AND! a Blogger Award

  1. George says:

    Congratulation on your Blogger award!

    About the weight, don’t worry about it. Weight fluctuates with water retention and other factors. Most likely you are maintaining weight. It is hard to lose weight and run well. Eat less & run more, is easy to say, but difficult to do :). I found success in changing what I eat. But, whatever works for you….

    Take care,


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