Race Weight Recap and Weekend Runs

Another good week for running. 

Could it be possible? That I might be close to ready for Chicago? With one week to go before my 20 mile training run, I am feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Yeah, there are a couple tough runs in there, but my 18 mile was such a success and then this second week step back of 12 miles was a good practice on race strategizing.

But first, lets talk race weight. So week 10. I am pretty happy with my weight loss so far, but not ecstatic. I am seeing the pounds come off, but not as fast as it did in 2010 with my first major weight loss. So it bums me out. But, I am 2 years older now looking age 31 in face. And I run WAY more, therefore want to eat WAY more. And apparently my will power is lower.

I stepped on the scale on Thursday and was down another .4 pounds.

What I attribute the loss to – Getting in my runs, including upping my intervals at the track and getting in a yoga class that was super tough. These things on top of my day to day activities.

What I attribute to the low loss – I ate good things but to much of them. My portions are out of control some days and I still have a bit of an addiction for any type of cherry flavored soda.

If I had lost a full pound I would have hit a 5% goal. Five percent of my body weight gone. Oh well, with my .4lb loss and a couple good weeks, I have lost a total of 7.4 pounds in 10 weeks. Although a slow weight loss, it’s not a gain. And last summer I gained during marathon training, so I am already ahead of the game.

Overall, I would like to lose a few more pounds before Chicago. I have a month, I know I can do this.

This Saturday I will be running my final long (long) run, the great 20 miler. So at running club yesterday, Coach Lori and talked about race strategy and the difficulty of pacing.

We worked on a couple things. In the 12 miles, we planned to maintain a steady pace before tempo-ing out. Then we would push up hill and then slow our pace for a recovery run after the hill. Then at the end of the run we would push ourselves to the finish.

I appreciated Lori pacing me so much because I am terrible at keeping pace. I forget to account for difficult parts in the course or low morale that might slow my speed down, and sometimes I don’t chose the best moments to really rally and make up ground. So it was nice to work on these things.

The final miles, we kicked it up. I imagined I was in the final miles of the marathon, which are always very “come to Jesus” for me, and takes a lot of mental strength not to walk.

And check out my elevation and pace…

At next weeks long run, I know I will be running slower in order to maintain for 20 miles. But it’s work outs like this that get your body ready for the hard stuff. I have a feeling its going to help me a lot.

Do you strategize during a long run or during shorter runs? How do you prepare to maintain for 26 miles? 

Ok, go back to enjoying your Labor Day Weekend! 

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