FitBloggin’ Recap Part 3: The Final Chapter – Plus Giveaway Winner!

If you didn’t have a chance to read part 1 and part 2 of my FitBloggin’ recap, feel free to check them out!

I learned a lot at the FitBloggin’ conference. I learned all about myself, blogging, fitness, and other people. I tried to cover everything that I encountered while I was in Baltimore in my last two Recaps, so this final chapter of what I learned, I will share my major takeaways.

With an entire week has gone by since I landed in Cleveland after 7 days in two of the neatest cities I have been to in a long time, I have had some time to reflect on what I learned at FitBloggin’ this year.

So here are a couple of the major things I learned at FitBloggin’:

1.) As an emotional eating food addict, I hold the key my weight loss/control success. This seems obvious. I mean, no one is shoving that fro-yo down my throat, I do it to myself. But at Friday night’s Ignite Keynote Presentations, Shira Miller did a presentation on staying in control. I wish these were posted because a week later I can’t remember what it was called or the whole speech, but I do know that I walked away inspired.

(this pic is not of Shira’s presentation, but it cracked me up so I had to share.)

Shira was an amazing speaker. It was so fluid and on target. You couldn’t help but take something away from the slide show. And this is what I learned, I have to take the right steps in controlling my weight goals, and here is what Shira suggests –

Understand you Nemeses: I know that I have a sweet tooth. Candy and baked goods will get me everytime. I have trigger foods, if I eat something really salty then I know I will want a dessert afterwards. It never fails.

Plan for it: Plan your own meals. Obvs. I need to pack more and stop eating out. Salty calorie loaded foods only make me want cake. So I need to better plan my meals for healthy alternatives.

Control Your Exposure: STOP DRIVING BY LEMONBERRY! If I drive by the fro-yo place, I will stop for fro-yo. Just take a different route home. If I am feeling hungry after the barn, the only 2 places to eat on the fly are Wendy’s and Sheetz. I need to just take another route and stay away from those places until I can get home and make a sandwich!

Drop the Remorse: This was a big one for me. I beat myself up for hours and hours after eating something bad. I feel so guilty. I feel the guilt before I even put the donut in my mouth. I need to get off the guilt train and just move on after a mistake. Thats my plan.

2.) Fitness should be FUN! Not that running isn’t fun, I love to run. But I am a PR junkie. Even during a fun run I want my times and my pace to be just a little bit better than the last time. Run a race just to run it with no goal in mind? Whew, that’s tough. It’s hard for me not to cross the starting line without thinking, “Could I get a PR today?”

PR being a personal record, that is. I always want my races (usually anything with an official time) to be better than the last one. I don’t think thats totally crazy. Some people think its bad to be a chronic PR chaser, but in my mind, I am not fast. I have a long way to go to my goal marathon time (a 4:15:00), so why shouldn’t each race be better than the last?

But this whole mentality that, if the workout didn’t hurt and make me miserable then it didn’t do anything, is silly. The inability to walk the next day is not a direct reflection on how many calories I burned. Yes, I want to push myself past my comfort zones, but I can have fun too.

Like during JumpSport and Zumba. So, I have made a promise to myself that I will attempt to do or take one “fun” fitness class a week. I am going to find a local Zumba studio and try that out, but also I would like to go back to Spin class too. At very least, I would like to get back to my Friday Lunch Hour Yoga. I want to LIKE working out, not always viewing it as a means to an end.

3.) Self-hosting is a must. Hanging out with some many bloggers all weekend I got to see some cool websites. Some sweet layouts and some kick ass logos. Not that I don’t like my little WordPress page, I would just love to have a little logo to define my brand and translate well to a business card.

All these things can be done with theme editors and plug-ins, all of which are not possible with my basic site. I need to pay for my own piece of a larger server and really own my own content. Wouldn’t want to get shut down for no reason.

With this change though, you are going to see some changes too, readers. One, I will probably look into a new Web Address. “Aity,” though a perfectly acceptable acronym for Am I There Yet, does not read well to google. Plus, it confuses some people. I will not be leaving my “Am I There Yet” persona behind. Just updating it. So watch out with for that.

I have an old friend that is going to work with me on this project and after it’s all said and done, I will hand out his info like candy so you can have sweet designs also! So stand by for the switch to a self-hosted site!

4.) I am a nice and fun person. Shocking right? I know. But I am. I think I am fun. I am pretty nice as well. I was so nervous on day one of FitBloggin’ I figured that I would probably go to the sessions I wanted and spend the rest of my nights in my hotel room. But that didn’t happen.

I just reached out to a couple of cool people (Lauren and Kelly) and everything just snowballed from there. All of a sudden I was introducing myself to people, hanging out at different tables, drinking wine and discussing music with some awesome personalities. I am kind of a fun person, who knew?

This all goes hand in hand with that self-acceptance seminar I blubbered my brains out at. I don’t know why I struggle to be ok with who I am, as I am, right now. Hearing other peoples stories and struggles was very inspiring and I think it helped me really open up. It was good that they held that discussion early in the weekend.

With my final thoughts finally being pushed out into the atmosphere, I can’t help but to feel excited all over again. What an awesome experience. The next FitBloggin’ conference is going to be held in Portland and I looked at Kayak to check the average flight price. It is NOT cheap. But you know what, I will probably save my dollars and go. Or try and really step outside my box and maybe be a presentor. Maybe even take everything I learned on monetizing your pitch and see if a company will sponsor me. Who knows. I am a fun and nice person, you know 🙂

And NOW! for the giveaway winner!

The winner is…

Jen! From Why CLE?

Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll mail out your fabulous prize! You will also be getting some extra goodies in your swag bag just for playing! Thanks for participating in my first ever giveaway! Good thing to get in on the first one, because when I become awesome everyone will want in on this shit.


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5 Responses to FitBloggin’ Recap Part 3: The Final Chapter – Plus Giveaway Winner!

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  2. Totally awesome tips! I have enjoyed all of the recaps, so thank you for sharing with those of us who didn’t make it there this year! 🙂

  3. Suegene W says:

    You ARE a fun and nice person! So glad I have gotten to know you a little with running and your blog – keep up the good work!!

  4. Jen @ Why CLE? says:

    Eek! I’m so excited! Sending you an email now.
    And I definitely agree you are a nice and fun person. Glad you recognize that too!

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