Am I There Yet?


I had never run a step in my life, but in February 2010 while rounding the bases during a kickball game, I thought to myself, “I’m not a bad runner, I could do this.” So I hopped on the treadmill and gave it a whirl. I couldn’t even run the duration of a sing song. It was apparent the terrible shape I was in.

I trained pretty hard for a 5k, not realizing how hard it would be. I couldn’t wait for each mile to end. I ran my first 5k in April 2010. So, I am really new to running. It didn’t take more that a D-tag and a t-shirt to get me hooked so shortly after that I ran my first 10k. My first half marathon followed shortly after in Akron in September 2010.


One year later I tackled the 26.2 monster on the same course, the Akron Road Runner.

My first marathon was the accomplishment of a life time, but I am looking forward to improving my time. I am extremely slow. I am not one of those first time marathoners that hit a 4:15. Running is hard for me, I have to work at it. But I have learned to love the challenge, and I know I’m not alone out there!

Health and Weight loss

Before discovering my love for high miles, I ate a lot and drank to much. Topping out at 196lbs at the end of 2009.

I had been that way for years, hating myself, but never willing to do a thing about it. Then one day, something snapped. I was tired of being overweight and unhappy and it was time to take a stand. Over the year I lost 50lbs by running and dieting.

When I reached my goal weight, I felt “I had arrived.” I figured I could run like usual but eat what I want…. Yeah, no. Thats not how that works incase anyone was wondering… In a few short months, my diet slipped, I wasn’t running due to cold weather, and I gained almost 20lbs back. I thought maybe marathon training would help me get my weight under control, but, I didn’t lose a pound! Proof it is possible to be an unhealthy runner. Now in training for my second Marathon, I am working on getting back to the weight that truly made me feel best about me. Just looking at a plate of fries adds 2lbs to my derriere. So I end up eating those fries anyway due to a poor relationship with food that I have to keep a close eye on. It is a work in progress.


I have been riding horses since I was a kid. I have loved the animal since I could say the word and would prop myself between the two front seats of the mini-van on family vacations and yell out “HORSES!” every time we rolled past a pasture. I would name the merry-go-round horses at amusement parks, I road every tired pony on a hot walker at the fair. I honestly believe I was born to be an equestrian, it is in my blood. My family was never in a position to buy a horse. One lesson per week was all I got. My mom said I could lease a horse when I could pay for it and drive to the barn myself. But it wasn’t until I turned 26 and had been in my job for a year that I bought my first horse. Conveniently named, Am I there Yet. Around the barn, we just call him Grady.

Grady came off the track at Thistledown. Clearly not interested in running like I am. I got him for a $500 donation to a non-profit recuse and have been training him myself. Training your own horse is quite the journey. With the same ups and downs as any other training. We ride for fun and compete for fun when ever we can.


My daily life, which is not nearly as fun as running or riding, I work as a Corporate Trainer. In 2012 I will be doing some extensive traveling to train for our recent merger. I’m not that thrilled about it. Trust. That many hours in a car all week just is not my cup of tea. Especially back to back weeks. But its my job, when I am doing it, I like it. I just have to see the months of January – April through and all will be back to normal. At least with all the hotel time I will be able to run in new areas. Or, if all else, I have no reason not to hit a treadmill while I’m away. Should be exhausting exciting. We will see.


One Response to Am I There Yet?

  1. bonnetcap says:

    well done on losing all that unwanted weight. i weigh 190lbs now and i am still not doing anything to lose it yet but giving it mouth service. i use the kids and long hours at work as an excuse. i hope that i can draw strength from your blog and start running. 🙂

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