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Facing fears, moving on, and putting myself out there

I have had a pretty busy 4 weeks. And it has been a month with all kinds of ups and downs. Who doesn’t have roller coaster months? Everyone has a hard time every now and then. My month of craziness ended … Continue reading

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Remember when I used to travel?

Way back in the beginning of the year, you might remember I traveled for work. And way back in the beginning of the year I got to go to all kinds of random places in the mid-west and spent more days … Continue reading

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Pets and People Watching at the Cuyahoga County Fair

I am not a huge “fair” person. So I am not the first person running out the door everytime the fairgrounds has an event. But we decided to hit up the Cuyahoga County Fair last night and check a few … Continue reading

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Detox and Retox: How every Saturday should be {Pics!}

Today is Wednesday.  I don’t like Wednesdays as much as I like Saturdays. So lets talk about my Saturday this past weekend. On Saturday morning I returned to running club and Station Road Bridge for the first time in what … Continue reading

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My Healthy Eating Recap: Weeks 2 and 3

I made the decision a few weeks ago to become a healthy runner. Yes, running is a healthy thing that you can do for your body, but if you eat like a cow you aren’t doing much to be as healthy … Continue reading

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5k PRs for Sanity – My little recap

The only thing keeping me sane, as I sit here on my 4th 16 hour shift that takes me an hour to commute to each way, is reminicing about my 5k PR on Saturday. Before all this work stuff went … Continue reading

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An excellent weekend for running and new PR’s!

I did a lot of good running this weekend. I have had some difficult runs but I haven’t had a straight up bad run since the Capital City Half Marathon. I feel like I have been really lucky. Especially this weekend. … Continue reading

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