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A BIG Blog Announcement! Please read!

Hello! I have a big announcement! And it is big, in fact, big might be an understatement. You might recall in a couple different posts, I mentioned big changes to watch for coming down the “blog pipeline” here. I mentioned … Continue reading

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Skillet Tuna Noodle Casserole: My first ever recipe post!

Didn’t I say I wanted to try and cook more? Cook healthy things? Redefine how I feed myself? I think I did in this post, and I certainly did not delay. Thanks to an email from one of my favorite food … Continue reading

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Arena Workout – Set backs

I talked a little bit in my last post about stress. I have been feeling stressed over all kinds of crap that’s been going on in my life. Running is a good stress relief. I love running. But going out … Continue reading

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Muddy Paws Trail Race Recap!

Well, as my last two posts have gone, not much has changed. I am still stuck working 16 hour shifts for days straight without much end in sight. My frustration levels are pretty high. Not being able to run like I … Continue reading

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Working hard has it’s rewards: Tremont Greek Fest

Saturday morning I returned to training. Begin “Marathon Training: Cycle 3 (MTC3)” right here. Training for a fall marathon with NEO Fit actually started before I ran the full in Toledo, so I had a bit of over lap there. Then … Continue reading

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When I’m not running, traveling, or riding the horse…

When I’m not running or going to some exotic place for work (read: West Virginia), I do have a life. When I’m not off to see Grady at the barn to ride or clean or bag supplements, I actually have friends. … Continue reading

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Glass City Marathon Race Recap

The weather toyed with me all week. Bouncing between fair and sunny to windy and cold. It went up and down for days so on Saturday morning before leaving Cleveland for Toledo, I packed 3 race outfits. The weather at … Continue reading

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